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Vonnegut.com T-Shirts

Even we here at Vonnegut.com are not immune to the siren call of blatant self promotion, and the success of our accidental venture into the T-Shirt trade has taught us one important thing: You people really like T-Shirts.

So we figure that we can help each other out here. You walk around like a human billboard with the URL of our favorite Web site on your back, and in return you get to wear a classic drawing by Mr. Vonnegut, a sure sign of good taste and intelligence. Everybody comes out a winner.

"Breakfast of Champions"   "Goodbye"
"Asterisk"   "Fuh-Kar-Wee"
"Trout's Tomb"
Click on the images above for details on each shirt.

So show your friends and neighbors just how smart you are by buying one of these oh-so-lovely Hanes Beefy-T heavyweight, 100% cotton, heather grey Tees.

The shirts are available in x large, X large, and X Large ONLY. That's it. If one size doesn't fit all, the responsibility lies squarely on your shoulders. (Just to be perfectly clear here, the shirts are ONLY AVAILABLE IN XL, XG, TG, or however you say it where you're from.)

The shirts will set you back a cool $20.00. Please add $7.00 per shirt for shipping and handling within the US to each order. Don't forget to specify which shirt you'd like. Numbers are limited, so order soon.

Click Here To Order

Please E-mail for overseas shipping. Overseas orders should be paid with Thomas Cook or other international money orders.

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